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Fri., Nov. 9, 2012

Fearful for future generations

The election is over. President Barack Hussein Obama won; America lost.

The “takers” of America, who live off the government, have outvoted the “makers,” who have to pay for them.

With trillion-dollar deficits projected for every year of his new term, plus the implementation of the incredibly expensive and destructive Obamacare, the most benevolent superpower in history will never be able to recover from the intentionally inflicted financial damage.

Almost without exception, the mainstream media have been in the tank for Obama since his first candidacy. They have trumpeted his successes, and either downplayed or ignored his failures. The most recent example is the skirting of the Obama administration’s culpability in the deaths of America’s Libyan ambassador and three other Americans at Benghazi because it could have damaged his campaign.

When President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, someone famously said, “We will laugh again, but we will never be young again.” With Obama’s re-election, we need to change that statement to “We will laugh again, but we will never be great again.”

I’m fearful for my country’s future. My children and grandchildren will never be able to enjoy the freedom and opportunity to succeed that I have had.

Ron Hoff


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