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SATURDAY, NOV. 10, 2012

Diversity was the winner

Diversity was the big winner in the 2012 election. And the loser was rich, old white men.

Those rich old men contributed millions in their cause to go back to the America of the 1950s. What were they thinking? The government of the years they want to return to brought about race riots, the sexual revolution and women burning their bras.

The tactic of fear, used to advantage by radio talk shows, tries to convince people that a less-white, less-conformist, less-capitalist America is dangerous. Those rich, old white men who fund this propaganda are afraid of losing their power.

President Barack Obama was exactly right when he said it is our diversity that makes America strong. Isn’t it time we let go of the fear, accept that we are a country gifted by cultural diversity, and start to embrace that diversity?

Dorothy Mehl


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