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Vehicle fire disrupts River Park Square

Fire crews were called to River Park Square parking garage this afternoon, and smoke was visible around and above the building.

The fire was confined to one vehicle and was quickly knocked down around 3 p.m. Crews were checking for smoke infiltration on adjacent floors and in the mall, but preliminary evaluations said there was no structural damage and no sprinklers activated.

No one appeared to be injured, but an ambulance was called as a precaution because of people exposed to smoke in the garage.

Radio traffic with dispatchers indicated the vehicle fire was on the northwest corner of Level B7 of the parking structure. For a short time, crews appeared to be having trouble getting water and were employing a “hand line” backup water delivery measure.

Public address announcements told shoppers and theatergoers at the AMC movie theater to leave the building because of an emergency, but they were being allowed back in as of 3:30 p.m.

Police were called to close the garage, and elevators to the garage from the mall were shut down. Ramps exiting the garage were heavily congested.