Letters to the Editor

SATURDAY, NOV. 10, 2012

Keep military strong

The Anatolian shepherd is no namby-pamby dog. Years back, I heard of a family with young children living in the wilds where cougars, bear and the like prowled. Fearful for the youngsters, the parents got an Anatolian. Generally, these powerful, muscular sheep-herding dogs need only to stand to full lofty height, staring the wild predators down to drive them away. If the predator is foolish enough to proceed, the Anatolian attacks, protecting the children and dealing a decisive blow to its opponent. Nevertheless, the dog is gentle and loving with its human family.

The Anatolian shepherd is like the U.S. military. It is through continued strength that we maintain the peace. Knowing we are prepared to deliver a blow on our enemies is usually enough to deter them. If not, we can and will protect ourselves through combat. Paring the military is not the solution; it is the beginning of trouble, like trying to stop a cougar with a miniature poodle.

Becky A. McPherson

Valley, Wash.

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