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Sat., Nov. 10, 2012

Same group in charge

Yes, we just sent the same folks back to Congress. The same folks that have spent our hard-earned tax dollars like there is an endless supply. On the bright side, they may do some work in 2013 before they begin spending their time on getting re-elected again.

Maybe, just maybe, they will work on cutting some expenses, things like cutting Saturday delivery for the Post Office or putting the dollar coin into circulation instead of building a warehouse to store them. Most of us are not crazy about having those coins in our pockets, but stop printing paper dollars and we will handle the problem. Canadians seem to do OK with their loonie.

No doubt, those Congress folks have plenty to do to right our ship, or they can continue as they have and let our ship sink.

Yes indeed, we sent the same group back to Washington and we expect change. How smart is that?

Bill Nation


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