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GOP drove me to Democrats

I consider myself an independent. I vote for whom I feel will best lead no matter party affiliation.

My vote for the Democrats wasn’t so much a vote acknowledging a great job as it was against the Republican Party’s stance on women, minority and social issues. My mother’s generation and my generation fought for issues like abortion rights, equal pay, voting rights and many others.

I lived through sexual discrimination as a kid because I was a girl, and I never want my daughters and granddaughters to experience that. I saw the Republicans threatening to dismantle many of our gains.

To think that men are making political statements and policy decisions regarding women’s reproductive rights and sexual assaults that are ignorant, at best. Republican Party, if you don’t think that your platform, attitude and plain ignorance on women and social issues didn’t have an effect on my and other women’s decisions, I have a news flash for you: It did.

The economics of social issues are as crucial to a family as the paycheck, and they have a very big financial impact on society as well. So it is time for you to change or become extinct like the dodo.

Robin Wong



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