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Huckleberries: Note to GOP: America will always survive

Nathan Empsall has a message for distraught Republicans who are facing four more years of President Barack Obama.

Nathan? He’s a 2005 Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy graduate who graduated from Dartmouth University in 2009 and describes himself as a “pro-life, anti-pot liberal from two very red states who … has been on the losing end of some bruising elections.” Nathan’s message to conservatives? It will be OK. Nathan: “I survived Bush, and you will survive Obama. That’s what America does: She survives, endures, grows, leads, and perseveres, and when she does make mistakes … she almost always makes up for them. To despair is to lose your patriotism for America, your faith in God, and I know you’re stronger than that.”

Nathan goes on to recommend that conservatives get it out of their systems, concluding: “But on some level, remember that people said the exact same things and, more importantly, felt the exact same way in 2004, 1996, 1972, even, yes, 1984. So take a week, pick yourself up off the mat, and come give us your best shot over this fiscal cliff. It wouldn’t be the same without you.” And if that doesn’t work? Think Jeb Bush in 2016.

Off my bumper

Facebook friend Sara E. Anderson asks: “So I don’t want to be one of those people with an old irrelevant bumper sticker on my car. What’s the best way to remove one?” Answer: WD-40, lighter fluid, blow-dryer, Goo Gone or boiling water. And if you still can’t get that “Romney/Ryan” bumper sticker off, according to Rick Price, of Sagle? “Sell the car” … On Thursday, opinionator Kevin Richert of the Idaho Statesman Facebooked: “Just got a call from a very sweet reader who described herself as ‘82  1/2.’ May we all stay young enough to measure our ages in half-years!” By the time you read this, Dear Reader, I’ll be 62 years, 11  1/2 months …


Dick Haugen, former KVNI-AM 1080 “Voice of North Idaho” and sports announcer, suffered a heart attack shortly before tipoff of a North Idaho College men’s basketball game in Yuma, Ariz., this month. He had 100 percent blockage of an artery. After he was out of danger, Haugen thanked Facebook friends for well-wishes, quipping that he didn’t know how to take the “likes” posted under a photo of him in the intensive care unit. … On Thursday, retired KHQ weathercaster George Maupin Facebooked: “It’s about to begin – Winter is just to the west of us and headed this way.” Like they say: You can take the weatherman outta the newsroom, but … Poll: Deep in the hearta Republican Idaho, 57 percent of my Huckleberries blog ( hbo) denizens predicted last Monday that President Barack Obama would win re-election.

Parting shot

Many Republicans had egg on their faces after cherry-red Idaho soundly rejected the technological experiment with Idaho education proposed by Superintendent of Schools Tom Luna. Gov. Butch Otter spent considerable political capital stumping for the Loony Laws. So did the uberconservative Coeur d’Alene School Board trustees who individually endorsed the three failed propositions after the board decided not to do so collectively. Trustees Terri Seymour and Ann Seddon co-signed a letter to the Coeur d’Alene Press editor in support of the three ballot measures. That unabashed support for bad law could haunt Seddon and other newbie appointees who’ll face the voters next spring.

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