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SUNDAY, NOV. 11, 2012

Listen to climate scientists

Thanks, Amy Goodman (Nov. 2), for addressing an issue of our time, global warming. Deniers have had such a grip on the subject that it was hardly mentioned in the debates. Mitt Romney made one snide remark: “Obama will stop the oceans from rising.”

Goodman touches one fact of physics: Warming causes most objects to expand. As the oceans warm they expand, and sea level rises. The waters around New York have risen about a foot in the last several years. Another factor, a meteorologist states: “Warm air holds more energy than colder air.” For every 11 degree increase in air temperature it doubles its ability to hold energy, hence more severe weather.

Those factors, unfortunately happening at the highest possible tides, led to the disaster. Are more of these events likely to happen? Maybe the new insurance rates will give an answer if you still tend to doubt the science.

November’s “Scientific American” explains how one political party has sided with the deniers. Nine of every 10 scientists that declare a political party now say Democrat because of these anti-science views.

Wake up anti-science deniers, and listen to some credible science.

Theodore Shepard

Spokane Valley

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