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Obama to blame

Another Monday; another hateful column from Leonard Pitts Jr. It’s a shame The Spokesman-Review doesn’t have more affirmative, encouraging writers to fill that space. I wish I had over 200 words to refute every one of his specious claims about race victimization, oppression and civil rights, but I’ll summarize.

I, too, was hoping things would be different the last four years, but the unparalleled “shrillness” and divisiveness we’ve endured has flowed directly from the Oval Office. Example: Exactly who was the president recently encouraging “revenge” against, and why?

And why is every legitimate criticism of Barack Obama’s policies, dictatorial “directives” (executive orders) and failures of leadership (Benghazi) met with hypocritical cries of racism? The real hostilities of both words and action have been directed against the right, not the left. No wonder; demonizing your opposition is a tactic out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook, which the president himself once taught.

So Obama hasn’t been your desired “reconciliation”? That’s by his design, not ours.

Hey, Leonard, not only did a plurality of Americans elect your esteemed Obama, they just re-elected him. Maybe this time he’ll get it right? I wouldn’t bet on it. And I’m tired of your “coded racial slurs,” too.

J.M. Lyons



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