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Obituary: Son, Pong H.

Age 91

SON, Pong H.
(Age 91)

In 1921, on January 12, she was the third child born among two sons and four daughters in the city Kyung-ju, northern province of Kyung-sang. In 1941, she married Woo-hyun Kim and gave birth to one son and six daughters. In 1955 she became Christian and began attending Dae-gu Shin-seong Church in northern province of Kyung-sang. In 1956 she was baptized at the same church. In 1966 she was appointed deacon, and in 1974 she was appointed “Kwonsa” (equivalent of an elder).
In 1978, on January 18, she first immigrated to Kansas City, Missouri, USA with an invitation of her eldest daughter. In 1980, on June 18, she moved to Spokane, Washington serving as Kwonsa at Spokane Presbyterian Church until May 18, 1989 and at Hope Church until present.
Since moving to Spokane she was also recognized and awarded by the Korean Council in Spokane for her dedication in serving the Korean Community. In 2004, on February 22, she was appointed as a Senior Kwonsa and devoted the rest of her life for the church, never missing a day of early morning prayer until the day that the Lord has called her back home on November 7th in the year 2012 at 4:35PM. She passed peacefully at the comfort of her own residence and is survived by three daughters.
A Funeral Service will be held Saturday, November 17, 2012 at 11:00AM at Heritage Funeral Home.


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