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Raises are a sad symptom

I wanted to puke this morning. Mayor David Condon is pushing raises for his managers amounting to more money than many in Spokane make in one year. The same worn-out justifications for the raises, along with explanations from the future recipients about how much money was actually being saved made me feel better! Not!

The worker bees are told to do more with less. The message is only for them.

I am tired of the insatiable greed of the righteous right and equally tired of the liberal left trashing values and institutions that have helped keep the nation grounded and on course since its founding. Parameters of right and wrong no longer exist. Basic institutions are collapsing down around our ears.

The chaos that now exists is the new normal for those 20 and younger. Not old enough to realize what has been lost and is continuing to erode away, many vote for things that will help destroy them.

In many cases some are raised destitute of biblical understanding, along with a sense of entitlement.

Folks, we have messed in our own mess kits!

Mike McMorris



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