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Idaho votes diminished

I’ve lived in Idaho for 40 years. I love this state, the people, the way of life, and my ashes will someday rest on an Idaho mountainside. But there is one major drawback: Idaho has no voice in presidential elections.

The first truth is, presidential elections are invariably decided before the Idaho polls even close!

Voting is a precious right, and it’s vital we exercise that right. I vote, and I urge every eligible voter to do so, but I’m a realist and I refuse to be blinded by ideology.

I voted on Nov. 6 to affect state and local elections and issues, knowing full well I could not help redirect our nation’s decline from the top.

The second truth is the Electoral College system won’t allow it. As long as the Electoral College remains in place, as long as the president and vice president of the United States are not elected by straight popular vote, “we, the people” of Idaho, will have no direct impact on the process.

John Mosher

Kooskia, Idaho


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