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Thu., Nov. 15, 2012

March to Marxism

The election is over, and America continues its inexorable march toward socialism, courtesy of the Democratic Party (“It’s Obama,” Nov. 7).

It’s a sad commentary that millions of incredibly naive Americans are electing and re-electing Democrats who are little more than closet Marxists.

And, once more, we’ve seen irrefutable evidence that the media is nothing more than a propaganda organ for the vile, corrupt, immoral and godless Democratic Party. Author Alan Korwin asserts that the media has become “an enemy of liberty.” Well, so has the Democratic Party.

Clearly, millions of Americans don’t care that Obama has put our economy in the toilet, added trillions of dollars to our debt and had millions of people out of work on his watch.

It’s too late now, but the American people should have heeded the National Rifle Association’s advice to “vote freedom first.”

Curtis Stone


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