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Thu., Nov. 15, 2012, midnight

Market best under Democrats

It seems most of us live under a cloud of misinformation, as so many people have the mistaken idea that the stock market performs better with a Republican president. Not so, according to your information on the Money & Markets page. “Who’s better?” The market performs substantially better with the Democrats in power. Check it out, I quote, “Overall, the Dow has performed better under Democrats than under the Republicans.

“It has gained an average of about 13 percent a year with the Democrats in the White House compared with 6 percent under the Republicans.” This has been true since 1900.

Read the whole article in this paper on Nov. 9, page A11, to see how the Dow performed under each president from 1901 until 2012.

Thank you for clearing this up for so many people.

Margaret Davies


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