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Wrong tone in dispute

The Spokane Symphony board plays a vital role in the running of Spokane’s most important musical institution. I am grateful for the personal contributions of time and money the board has made to bring great music to our community.

That being said, now is the time for all of us, members of the public and board members alike, to admit that our symphony musicians are paid a pittance to play a full season of concerts and educational outreach programs each year.

All that stands between the SSO having a season this year and not is $54,000. How I wish the SSO board’s announcements regarding the stalled negotiations had mentioned this amount. Where was the “ask”?

What a different tone it would have set if the SSO board had taken its cue from the board of the Chicago Symphony in their fall 2012 labor dispute.

The Chicago board stated, “We have the best musicians in the world and we are committed to resolving this as soon as possible.”

That labor dispute, by the way, was shortly resolved.

So, someone tell me where I can send my check directly toward that $54,000 shortfall.

Kendall Feeney



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