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Sat., Nov. 17, 2012

Conservatives in fantasy world

The conservatives of America have returned to the wilderness from whence William F. Buckley led them so long ago. They have their own TV station broadcasting a steady stream of misinformation; yet blame the “liberal media” for the results they don’t like. They call science “gobbledygook,” and then express surprise it can predict elections using facts instead of feelings, as in “I have a feeling Mitt (Romney)’s gonna win in a landslide.”

They ignore the obvious sense of avoiding the mega-rich John Birch Society Koch brothers as poster boys. They purged their party of candidates who would appeal to any voters aside from crabby, racist, over-60 white male get-off-my-lawners, and then expect members of this tiny demographic to numerically win elections for them.

I appreciate a political party made up of members who don’t agree with me. Otherwise, the dynamic tension between two opposing views, the tension that encourages innovation and allows for progress, disappears.

But we can’t have one group grounded in the real world, while their opposite numbers ride around la-la-land on Jesus horses telling each other that they feel something is true, even when it isn’t.

It just won’t work for any of us.

Nancy Runyan

Spokane Valley

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