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Sat., Nov. 17, 2012

Justified wars soon forgotten

Bill Sawatzki (Nov. 10 column) would say “Thank You” to World War II and Korean War veterans and “Never Again” to the rest of us. Never again what? Never again oppose the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics? Never again respond to acts of war like 9/11?

He seems to say that all our military efforts since Korea have been unjustified. Sawatzki has apparently not heard of Stalin killing up to 20 million of his own people, or his pact with Hitler splitting Poland on the eve of World War II, or enslaving Eastern Europe afterward.

Stalin was evil, with evil henchmen who, after him, controlled a powerful USSR until it collapsed. From 1945 until 1989, our veterans engaged in a 45-year continuum of effort that comprised the Cold War, with decreasing public support due to people with Sawatzki’s ignorant opinion.

We just barely won. Evil still exists. Since 1989, our vets have responded to genocide in Bosnia, aggression in Kuwait and acts of war against us like 9/11, with the congressionally authorized wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Capitulating to evil was the other option. Sawatzki can feel victimized by his service. Most vets are proud of their service and deserve a “thank you.”

Tom Horne


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