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This taxpayer approves

Regarding the Nov. 8 letter titled “The imperial mayor,” I think that Jon Hansen should know a couple things. Mayor David Condon, on his own accord, came into office insisting that he receive only $100,000 the first year (even though the salary is $169,000). So, he is not doing something underhanded, as the letter suggests, when he accepts a pre-established salary.

And at $169,000, Spokane is getting a deal (for a top executive, he is grossly underpaid). He has eliminated about 100 jobs at City Hall, so I don’t think that it is justified that we complain that the few folks who accept more responsibility get a bump in salary.

Of course, there are going to be casualties in trimming government, but for this taxpayer, it looks like he is doing pretty good.

Cal Larson



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