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Bullies met their match

A day after the election, I watched a video clip of Bill O’Reilly blaming Mitt Romney’s loss on the losers, takers, leeches, the poor, the sick and the other lowlifes who voted for President Barack Obama.

Ron Hoff’s Nov. 9 letter parrots O’Reilly as he pounds his chest and roars his superiority as a “maker.” What arrogance! They don’t get it. The right chose to demean, insult, lie to and try to intimidate more than half the population. That is why they lost the election.

Hoff worries about the future for his children, but the fact is young people between the ages of 18 and 30 voted 60 percent for Obama and only 36 percent for Romney. It is a fact, also, that the most conservative red states receive (take) more stuff from the federal government than they pay for, while the most liberal (blue) states send (make) more stuff than they receive.

Janet Callen

Coeur d’Alene


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