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Fairchild ties

Sun., Nov. 18, 2012, midnight

James Mitchell: A former SERE psychologist at Fairchild. His role in developing the “enhanced interrogation” techniques used by the CIA were put to a dramatic test in a secret prison in Thailand in August 2002, where a prisoner was waterboarded 83 times.

Bruce Jessen: Former SERE psychologist who went into business with Mitchell. He authored memos on “exploitation” based on survival techniques in the early months of 2002, and was a key figure in training interrogators based on the role-playing scenarios used at SERE.

Steven Kleinman: An intelligence expert formerly based at Fairchild, both as a reservist and later as director of intelligence for the agency overseeing SERE training. He intervened to stop interrogations in Iraq in September 2003 that he believed violated torture laws.

Jerald Ogrisseg: A former chief psychologist at the SERE school. He wrote a memo in 2002 that was included in high-level deliberations about the physical and psychological effects of brutal interrogations. Ogrisseg later testified that he did not intend his comments to be applied to the interrogation of real detainees.


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