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Leach antics embarassing

As a WSU alumni, I am deeply saddened and appalled with the numerous media attacks that coach Mike Leach rages regarding his football players.

How embarrassing and counter-productive. Isn’t it the coach’s responsibility to build up his team and not destroy it? Any educator knows that continual criticism and negativity does not build character or motivate.

Show me any circumstances where public negative comments such as “off the dumb-chart dumb” or “zombies” or “empty corpses” or “efforts border on cowardice” challenge a player or are warranted. How many more talented players such as Marquess Wilson will we lose? What high school graduate or parent would want their son subjected to this treatment?

I am shocked when I watch media interviews of Coach Leach’s behavior.

For the first time in 40 years, the WSU football coaching staff has me signing “I am not proud to be a Coug.”

Laurie Clark