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Sun., Nov. 18, 2012, midnight

Not proud of this America

Where’s my America? What happened to taking pride in being self-reliant? How about the basic premise of living within your means?

Instead of taking initiative and pursuing a better life through hard work and ambition, too many people expect it to be given to them, and somehow believe they’re owed something.

It’s really beyond me to understand that thinking; to have such a low opinion of yourself to think the government should take care of you. The liberal progressives in government also think we need to be taken care of. How’s it feel to be looked down on?

Get up in the morning, put your big boots on, and go out and earn your own way.

For the first time in my life, I’m not proud to be an American, in what has become a society with too many hands out, expecting their needs to be met from the sweat off someone else’s brow.

Larry Knutson


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