November 19, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Fix health care system


My wife suffered a health care mistake in 1994 that caused her to get adult respiratory distress syndrome, which left her with 48 percent lung function. Because she was already disabled, we could not sue for damages.

Our insurance company has taken her off Medicare and put her on an Advantage program, and now we are having damages. We pay $250 in co-pays for first five days in the hospital, and a $20 co-pay for doctor visits. There is a $2,500 cap on co-pays, and we are there.

She is 62 and disabled, with many health care needs, and I am 70 with little health care needs. We are on SSI. We lost 50 percent of our private retirement.

The health care system needs fixing. I worked 40 years as a registered nurse, and health care has been going downhill ever since. When did you last get a back rub in the hospital? How often do you see the RN who has been assigned to your room? If we have to fix our car, etc., how do we stop from going into debt?

James Chaney


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