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Tue., Nov. 20, 2012

‘Confidence’ shreds streets

Regarding Carolyn Jacobsen and any others with the same view on studded tires: Studs need to go, plain and simple. The points she attempts to make are completely without merit, other than the confidence she alleges they give her, a false confidence at best.

The blame on the trucks doing the damage is too easy to refute. Many of Spokane’s streets, with the deep ruts carved in by studs, see little to no truck traffic. As for not being able to afford all-season tires, but able to afford two sets of tires, this is laughable at best.

As for driving longer; perhaps more than some, yes, but years of driving, and miles driven, especially in winter conditions, would seem to be a more persuasive argument. Also, studs are used twice as long as she contends.

I’ve been driving for 40-plus years, started with rear-wheel-drive cars and no all-season tires, drove a truck for 15 years, and currently drive a 2003 Mercury Sable, not a four-wheel-drive vehicle, and I get around just fine.

Experience and skill are what it’s all about; we shouldn’t have to pay for any “confidence” street-destroying studs give anyone.

Thomas Peacock


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