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Fri., Nov. 23, 2012, midnight

Election over; get to work

Finally, the long nightmare is over. There is a fresh breeze erasing the memory of the bitter, protracted and divisive campaign. It’s the new dawn.

The theme “Forward” is appropriate. Nothing stays the same. Hope and change is the order of the day.

Americans have spoken. White, black, brown, Christian, Jewish, Muslim; believer or non, this is the mosaic of our land, but we will stand as one nation with President Barack Obama during his second term.

The president undertakes a huge job, not for his profit or gain, but for the benefit of our children, our elders, our veterans, our jobless, our homeless, our ailing.

From the reality of global warming, to national and international security challenges, his intelligent and nuanced approach is our secret weapon as we seek peace and stability.

But, we have to work together. We have to learn to compromise and be tolerant. We cannot be selfish. It’s an immense challenge, but the American dream can be achieved if we work for the good of all Americans and not just some.

Let’s stop blaming each other. Let’s get to work and may God keep Obama and his family in his care.

Halina Slobodow


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