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McMorris Rodgers softens line

Thankfully, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers sounds willing to soften her previous hard-line Republican stand in order to address the fiscal cliff (“Lawmakers address fiscal cliff,” Nov. 8). Given her new position in the party, this is especially important.

The toxic combination of tax increases and budget cuts would wreak havoc on families and children throughout Washington. More than 1,465 children statewide could lose Head Start, and another 2,390 families could lose the child care they depend on to stay employed. In addition, cuts in mental health care, housing and transportation would send damage rippling throughout our communities.

The voters of Washington and the nation have spoken. To protect the well-being of Washington’s families and our children’s future, it is time to consider revenue options such as ending tax breaks for the richest 2 percent of Americans. Both program spending and taxes need to be considered to avoid cuts that will hurt everyone and slow economic recovery.

I applaud McMorris Rodgers for her willingness to put children and families ahead of past party pledges by considering all options for avoiding the fiscal cliff.

Peggy Townley

Addy, Wash.


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