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We’re better than this

The animosity between conservatives and liberals brought to a fever pitch by the presidential election is clearly not waning.

Petitions to secede from the United States in the aftermath of the 2012 elections are now circulating in all 50 states. There’s no chance of accomplishing this objective, but the symbolic implications are unsettling.

One’s choice for president may have been unsuccessful, but this is still a democracy where the people have spoken. And spoken decisively. Traditionally, Americans accept this and move on.

But now Donald Trump called for a revolution and a march on Washington. Right-wing pundits are squawking about voter fraud and an uninformed electorate. Rush Limbaugh wants to move to Costa Rica. A McDonald’s in West Virginia hangs the American flag upside down.

When my candidates lost in 2000 and 2004, I accepted it, remained a patriotic American and looked to the future. I didn’t threaten mutiny, propose my state secede from the union or spread conspiracy theories.

We’re better than this.

Rose Rhoades



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