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Liberty Lake needs SCRAPS

In the Nov. 17 article “Liberty Lake reviewing animal control contract,” Mayor Steve Peterson is quoted saying he never heard any complaints about SpokAnimal during his previous tenure as mayor.

I would like to refresh his memory and set the record straight. We initially took our complaints to Peterson, but he referred us to City Clerk Arlene Fisher. She received the brunt of the complaints.

We wrote letters to the editor, and I personally voiced my complaints to Peterson at a City Council meeting. After my testimony, as my mother stood to testify, Peterson tried to discourage her by saying “We have heard from you before and there are others waiting for their turn.” Peterson may have forgotten all this, but I have not. I still have a copy of my testimony, and I remember being shocked that someone so gentle and loving with his own little dog could be so callous toward the fate of homeless animals and to my mother, a little old lady who devoted her life to helping animals.

I don’t want to reopen old wounds, but to remind the mayor and to convince those new to the city that we are much better off with SCRAPS. Please don’t balance the budget at the expense of helpless animals. Please provide the funding SCRAPS needs to continue its excellent service.

Kerry Masters

Liberty Lake

Monday I watched the proceedings of the Spokane Valley City Council on channel 14.

Two issues came up that bothered me. The first was Councilman Arne Woodard’s praise for the veterans for their service. However, he recused himself from voting for a zone change in 2011 that would give them something for their service, such as low-income housing.

The second item was a proclamation read by the mayor. This cited the work by Spokane Valley Partners for addressing hunger and the homeless in Spokane Valley. When Catholic Charities proposed low-income housing on religious land, he and five others voted last year against a zone change. He said that he lost sleep over this issue.

In total, I give both gentlemen an “A” for rhetoric. However they get a “D” for positive and meaningful responsible action.

Bill Mihalic

Spokane Valley


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