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Sat., Nov. 24, 2012

Live within your means

Amy Goodman, in her Nov. 16 column, implies that austerity is an economic policy. Austerity is living within one’s means. In theory, everyone (including governments) should live within their income. In practice, most do not wish to delay gratification. Eventually, a day of reckoning arrives, and the longer that day is put off the greater the pain.

If one finds himself or herself in need of immediate medical attention but delays, the result is declining health or death. Generally, society has employed unhealthy and unsound fiscal policy for many years, spending what we do not have and making promises based on unrealistic actuarial tables. These are hard truths, but truth nonetheless.

Winners in every walk of life must make sacrifices to be successful in their endeavors. These sacrifices are not pleasant, but achievers recognize a greater reward and therefore deter the urge to act on every perceived need.

It has been said, “No discipline seems pleasant at the time but afterward those who subject themselves to it will benefit.”

Tony Caruso


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