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Sat., Nov. 24, 2012, midnight

Loose dogs a menace

The Nov. 15 article about loose dogs killing cats in the South Perry area was shocking.

When I arrived home for lunch on Thursday, there were two dogs running around my neighborhood. As I drove down the street, one dog charged my car, barking and jumping at it. I pulled over and a telephone service truck across the street honked at me. The technician had been confronted by the dog and had reported it to SCRAPS. I proceeded to call 911 because in less than 45 minutes children from Brentwood Elementary would be walking down this street on their way home from school.

SCRAPS said they had someone on the way. Just before leaving the area, a sheriff’s cruiser pulled up and the dog charged his cruiser.

We have leash laws for a reason. It is to protect others from the possibility that a dog may act out when confronted with strange people, other animals or unfamiliar surroundings. Under no circumstances is it acceptable for a dog to maul, kill or otherwise mutilate a cat. We wouldn’t accept it if a dog attacked a child or a loved one, and we shouldn’t accept it if they attack another animal.

Tracie Hogeboom


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