November 24, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Sandy visits waste money


Again, in the Nov. 16 newspaper, there is the story on the president going to New York City to look at the damage from Superstorm Sandy.

In our economic situation, it is just a continuing slap in the face, wasting millions of dollars for the president or other public figures to travel to disaster areas for an inspection tour. With the technology available, no president has to go to inspect these natural disaster areas.

Yes, I know they are there to comfort the victims, but in reality they are only there for their public relations programs.

It would seem to me that telling the victims in these areas that the millions they would have spent on this visit would go directly to food or shelter, Red Cross or other top disaster teams would be the right message to send, not trivializing another few million dollars to support their egos.

Anthony Morris


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