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Thompson case not over

Well, the Karl Thompson Jr. case has come to an end. Do you really think this is the end of this? If you do, then I have some beachfront property that I would love to sell.

There is no way that the lawyer that Thompson has is going to let it rest as long as he can squeeze a dime out of the government. Oh yes, Thompson is not paying the bill. He gave all of his money and home to his wife in a divorce settlement just before his case was to come up. This was his ticket to getting a free lawyer. So then he gets the most expensive one in the city.

The appeals will take forever, or until Thompson serves his term, whatever comes first. This has cost the government $500,000-plus. That is, up to this point.

If I were to go out and beat a poor person that would not fight back to the point that he later died, there would be no free lawyer for me, and I would end up doing a lot more than 51 months in the can. Where is the proper thing for our justice? Do we all get the same treatment or do some get nothing while the rest of us get the shaft?

John Brewer



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