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Sat., Nov. 24, 2012, midnight

Wolves like mosquitoes

It is quite evident (from the election results) that Washington is run by brilliant West Coast politicians, along with a few potheads.

Sen. Kevin Ranker (a wolf expert?) is spending time and money defending the wolf when the state of Washington is broke. Does living on Orcas Island make him an expert in ranching and wildlife?

Wolf advocates say they are valuable to science, and beloved wolf watchers who go out to see them attack and kill animals. Twisted is a good description here.

The wolf, like the mosquito, serves no useful purpose. A lot of politicians receive political donations and backing from the environmental do-gooders, and so they are stuck where it hurts most, in the pocketbook.

The government Fish and Game people have to say what they are told to say, and so you will never get the truth about the wolf.

The U.S. government spent millions eradicating the wolf and succeeded. Everyone was happy until the environmentalists, along with their bought and paid for politicians, put them on the endangered species list and spent millions upon millions of the taxpayers’ money on the worthless killer wolf.

Your tax dollar at work.

Lloyd Zimmerman


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