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Milbank’s math bombs

Dana Milbank’s math (Nov. 15), where liberals live in states that take less from government than states where conservatives live, adds up differently for me.

In reality, liberals tend to congregate where commerce and jobs exist to feed their greed and egos. Then they pat each other on the back and promote the illusion that they somehow created those jobs. As we know, those good-paying jobs were created by the capitalist, greedy corporations and small businesses that this administration has relentlessly attacked.

However, what liberals can claim as their own is a self-centered verbosity designed for the practice of ridicule. That’s their primary and most often used skill. Witness Milbank’s column, the “Smart Bomb” guy on this newspaper’s staff, Bill Maher, David Letterman and numerous others that live on the left.

As for me, I’d much rather reside among God-fearing and gun-toting conservatives.

John Pauley

Spokane Valley


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