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Pet owners irresponsible

People need to be reminded it’s about responsible pet ownership, both for cats and dogs.

Irresponsible ownership, not spaying and neutering and overpopulation, is the problem. Yes, the city needs to get the problem on South Perry under control, but ultimately the responsibility lies with us.

Just like cats are programmed to chase birds and mice, dogs are programmed to chase smaller animals. It’s called prey drive. Some dogs wouldn’t even know what to do with a cat if they caught it.

I know neighbors who have been heartbroken because their cats have been killed by coyotes in our neighborhood, and for that reason they choose to keep their cats indoors where they are safe from all predators. Also, SCRAPS probably would have preferred The Spokesman-Review find a better spot for the article, rather than right next to their “Adoptable Dog of the Day.”

Speaking of irresponsibility, good job.

Jeff Roberts



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