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Romney’s caved to dark side

Who could not be touched and impressed by Mitt Romney’s gracious and honorable concession speech the evening of Nov. 6? Who could not feel a tinge of regret that the man would not have the opportunity to lead the nation? Apparently the tea party could not.

Barely a week later, on Nov. 14, once more caving in, Romney played the role of the outraged sore loser, lambasting President Barack Obama and accusing him of bribing Latinos, women and young voters into voting for him.

It demonstrated, yet again, what many of us suspected during the campaign: the main reason he could not gain ground is because, as always, he succumbed to the hysterical screechings of the tea party, and, yet again, like Faust, sold his soul to the darkest elements of the extreme right.

If he had followed his own decent instincts and appealed to the better angels of our nature, he would have won.

Bill Leong



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