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Sun., Nov. 25, 2012

Seceding from Christian values

Some red-state citizens are ready to secede from the union. A Washington state petition has over 2,000 signatures. Perhaps some Americans are ready for Civil War and killing another 750,000 citizens to preserve the union, or dissolve it.

Recent Roundtable letters indicate that unhappy writers might be ready to fight over President Barack Obama’s re-election. What’s interesting is that the motivation to fight and condemn comes from writers claiming religious devotion. Like their silly “makers/takers” stand, they see anyone not like them as non-neighbors, so they don’t need to love them or want them in their country. The endless letters about national debt and taxes indicate a worship of money over family or social values.

The new red country wouldn’t have any government-provided social services. The makers would get to keep all their money. Takers (your tired, poor and huddled masses) would be shoved across the border to beg off the other half of what used to be the United States.

We would help them because we actually believe in the Christian principles red-staters used to follow. The red-state Jesus now wears golden robes, sells the wine he makes, charges for healing the sick, and carries a gun.

Pete Scobby

Newport, Wash.

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