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Sun., Nov. 25, 2012, midnight

If you’ve been following the news in The Spokesman-Review this week, you might do well on the newspaper version of this week’s quiz. After you’ve had a chance to warm up your news sense, try our online interactive version at

1. Hostess Bakery declared bankruptcy, raising questions about the long-term availability of their snacks. Which of the following is not a Hostess snack?

A. Twinkies

B. Ding Dongs

C. Ho-Hos

D. Little Debbies

E. Zingers

2. The No. 1 predator of sheep in Idaho last year was

A. Bears

B. Cougars

C. Coyotes

D. Dogs

E. Wolves

3. No. 1 college football team Oregon lost to Stanford on Nov. 17, and for the first time in almost five years, the No. 2 team also lost on the same weekend. Which team was that?

A. Alabama

B. Georgia

C. Kansas State

D. Notre Dame

E. Ohio State

4. Philip Mezey was named the new CEO of what major local company?

A. Avista

B. Cowles Co.

C. Itron

D. Providence

E. Rosauers

5. Susan Rice is being mentioned as the likely choice to replace Hillary Clinton as the next U.S. secretary of state. What’s her current position?

A. National security adviser

B. CIA director

C. Solicitor general

D. White House spokeswoman

E. U.N. ambassador

Check your work

For answers and last week’s winners, turn to page B3.

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