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Mon., Nov. 26, 2012, midnight

Stop voter suppression

The election is over. There is, however, a stench that lingers on. In an attempt to manipulate the vote, some Republican state officials from around the country tried in various ways to suppress the vote, targeting mostly minorities, college students and the elderly.

In two states, Ohio and Florida, these attempts were so blatant that there is absolutely no question about the intent. Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted showed to the world that they put partisan victory ahead of the most sacred franchise of our beloved country: the right to choose our leaders.

These despicable acts cannot go unaddressed. So far, I haven’t heard one Republican come out and publicly denounce these tactics, including our own 5th District Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Leaders lead and true leadership acts on common American principles, even when it displeases their political party and causes them to run the risk of losing an election.

I call on McMorris Rodgers to redeem herself by introducing or supporting federal legislation that will put an end to this obscenity once and for all. We need national election standards because Jim Crow tactics continue to debase our elections.

Andy James

Colville, Wash.

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