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The Slice: P.S. Santa, keep c-notes for yourself

Tue., Nov. 27, 2012, midnight

Sometimes a letter to Santa can seem like a gift itself.

The Slice came into possession of a photocopy of an 8-year-old Idaho girl’s recent Christmas note to the North Pole. Judging from her requests, the youth appears to be a serious fan of the Monster High line of dolls, coloring books and what have you. (Though in the middle of an itemized list of modestly priced toys, she did manage to include “lap top” in her presents specifications.)

But it’s the P.S. she added that might make Santa smile.

For one thing, he’ll probably be pleased to see that a kid her age shows signs of having absorbed “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Then there’s the fact that she cares enough about the Big Guy’s feelings to offer him reassurances.

Here is the postscript.

“P.S. Also send some money. How about tens and twenties. But I know the spirit of Chrismas is giving and not getting. Don’t worry because I will not be a greedy little child. You can count on me.”

Lots of kids would have just demanded the dough. But this little girl took the time to put Santa’s mind at ease. “I will not be a greedy little child.”

You know what? I believe her. And I’ll bet Santa will, too.

Santa must sometimes feel like he’s all alone as he faces his staggering challenge of making the case for good behavior. But here’s a North Idaho 8-year-old stepping up and noting that he need not worry about her. She understands Christmas.

“You can count on me.”

Now Santa might not cough up the cash. But you have to suspect that he’ll be keeping an eye on this girl.

No doubt about it. In a world craving transparency and accountability, she’s going places.

Speaking of “Peanuts”: You might remember. In December 1968, Charles Schulz had Sally Brown recite, “The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hope that Jack Nicklaus soon would be there.”

Warm-up question: What percent of family-photo Christmas cards sent by Inland Northwest residents include pets in the picture?

Today’s Slice question: How many people who enjoy receiving Christmas cards send out zero cards themselves?

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