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Wed., Nov. 28, 2012, midnight

Taxing the rich is senseless

Can someone explain to me why taking more money out of the private sector, where most of us earn it, and placing it in the public sector, where most don’t earn it but get it for nothing, is the right thing to do?

How is taxing the rich for billions more going to pay for trillions in spending? Where did the notion come from that government is where most of the money needs to go? Could it be the 47 percent who completely rely on other people’s money to survive? If we have truly become a nation of takers instead of makers our end is not too far in the future.

We are already seeing corporations leaving America, and the rich will pull their money out of our economy and take it elsewhere because the thought of allowing its confiscation and redistribution to increase the 47 percent to more than 50 percent will only damage them more.

If someone threatened to punish you if you made money, took it, and gave it to someone who did not, wouldn’t you stop working to earn it? How are the rich any different? A presidency elected by fraud and envy will not last.

Rob Leach

Mica, Wash.

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