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Educate yourself on candidates

Most of us know who’ll get our vote for governor and president, but there are more candidates on the ballot, and they too will have a significant impact on our lives.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler, for instance, discourages competition, raising insurance costs. Public Lands Commissioner Paul Goldmark is ineffective at managing state lands entrusted to him. Marcus Riccelli was the assistant to the state Senate leader who killed the child molester bill. All these issues speak to character, or lack thereof. We need real leadership, not just at the top, but in all elected positions.

Tim Benn is fighting the steamroller that wants to kill private day care. Jeff Holy and Nancy McLaughlin have shown excellent financial acumen, and know what’s important.

But how I’m voting isn’t the point. It’s your responsibility to inform yourselves about the candidates so you can elect the best person. Don’t just believe the negative ads. Find out what’s behind the rhetoric.

Educate yourself about all the candidates, for all the offices. There’s more to the ballot than the president and governor.

Paul Lecoq



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