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Wed., Oct. 3, 2012

Kiss my grits, Mitt

I am, in at least some years, one of the 47 percent of people that Mitt Romney so disdains because they do not pay any federal income tax. I am also a beneficiary of our two biggest “entitlement” programs, Social Security and Medicare.

In his eyes, this makes me a freeloader, one among those of whom he says that he will “never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” As a Vietnam-era veteran and serial small-business owner, I find this highly offensive. I own my home debt-free, pay my bills on time, am a frequent caregiver for a special needs grandchild, and contribute modest amounts to a select few charities.

Romney perceives me as a parasite, sucking undeserved money from the plutocracy, of which he is part. I perceive him as an economic vampire, who spent his business career sucking the financial vitality out of the working class.

To borrow Flo’s line from the old TV series “Alice,” Mitt, kiss my grits!

Gary Smith

Spokane Valley

Every day, I find a new reason to throw out all those tea partyers in Congress. Now, they have refused to pass the Veterans Job Act to help returning veterans find jobs, and possibly create 2.5 million new jobs.

Sorry, I forgot, that would help the president whom they vowed not to help for four years in order to get him out of office.

I’m waiting for Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh to find a way to blame Barack Obama for this failure, too. I’m sure everyone is aware of these two. They create the fertilizer that keeps the extreme tea party growing. Unite, all you veterans, and let’s put the boot to them.

Edwin Hollow

Spokane Valley

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