October 5, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Elites no longer serve


Since 9/11 many service members have done multiple tours in Iraq or Afghanistan, in some cases eight or more. Mitt Romney castigates President Barack Obama as soft, but portrays himself as tough.

To me, this means members of our volunteer forces would serve even more tours if he’s elected. What bothers me is that tough talk is cost-free when other people’s children carry the burden (I was drafted in 1972, did six years), yet neither he nor any of his five sons has served this country in uniform.

In World War II, the elites served: Henry Cabot Lodge, a sitting U.S. senator; the Kennedys; President Franklin Roosevelt’s son Elliott; and Ted Williams, to name a few. What has changed?

Romney, the 47 percent that you (falsely) claim only take and don’t contribute aren’t the only freeloaders!

Kent Nedderman


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