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Sat., Oct. 6, 2012

Ban doesn’t help kids

Bishop Blase Cupich claims his objection to same-sex marriage is all about the children.

If the bishop claims my grandniece is at some disadvantage because her parents, who cherish her, are the same gender, just what exactly is that disadvantage?

Does the bishop have evidence that children of same-sex couples have gender identity issues different than the children of mixed-gender couples? I don’t happen to know of any children of same-sex couples that are gay, and I suspect the ratio of heterosexuality to homosexuality is probably the same regardless of the sexual orientation of the parents.

Same-sex couples can raise children whether they are married, in “domestic partnerships,” or none of the above, so his argument carries no weight.

Denying these couples the commitment of state-sanctioned marriage only serves to lessen the legitimacy of their relationship in society’s view and relegates their children to less than legitimate status. Does the bishop believe this is a benefit to the children of same-sex couples? The bishop needs to find a better argument to justify his objection to marriage equality.

Steve Sauser


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