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Blaine shocks crowds with current stunt

Daredevil stuntman David Blaine lit up New York’s Pier 54 on Friday for his latest feat.

The illusionist is scheduled to spend three days and nights standing in the middle of a million volts of electric currents streamed by Tesla coils.

The stunt is called “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On.”

“Electrified” also is being streamed on YouTube. Viewing stations are located in London, Beijing, Tokyo and Sydney. Viewers at the stations are able to control the coils.

The 39-year-old Blaine is wearing a chainmail bodysuit as a barrier between himself and the electric currents.

O’Reilly, Stewart meet in debate

Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart tangled Saturday night over the election, birth control and the “War on Christmas” in a rambunctious debate in “Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium.”

Stewart brought a mechanical pedestal he used to make him appear taller than the lanky O’Reilly when he wanted to drive a point home.

“I like you much better that way,” O’Reilly quipped as he gazed up at his ideological foe.

Stewart, defending government involvement in health care and social programs, said the U.S. has always been an entitlement nation.

“We are a people that went to another country, saw other people on it and said, ‘Yea, we want that,’ ” Stewart said. “Have you ever seen ‘ Oprah’s Favorite Things’ episode?”

Asked who he’d like to see as president, O’Reilly dead-panned: “I’d have to say Clint Eastwood.”

The birthday bunch

“The View” co-host Joy Behar is 70. Musician John Mellencamp is 61. Actress Mary Badham (“To Kill a Mockingbird”) is 60. Drummer Tico Torres (Bon Jovi) is 59. TV personality Simon Cowell is 53. Guitarist Charlie Marinkovich (Iron Butterfly) is 53. Singer Taylor Hicks (“American Idol”) is 36.


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