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My universe different

Good grief! The Twilight Zone is alive and well in Spokane. Or there is some kind of alternate universe that James Ramsey (Sept. 20 letter) lives in.

In my universe, the national debt has skyrocketed under President Barack Obama. The unemployment has been over 8 percent, the only jobs created by Obama have been union jobs. Only now, after three years, have some of the underwater homeowners gotten some relief. Billions have been spent on green industries that have gone belly up, leaving the taxpayers with nothing but more debt.

I am not quite sure which universe Ramsey lives in, but it must be a fantasy one where the Democrats and unions stick their heads in the sand rather than face the reality that the United States, and every state except one, is in deep financial trouble. We cannot tax ourselves out of the hole.

The taxpayers are getting tired of having money ripped out of their wallets to support people who have never worked a day in their lives.

That is the universe I live in.

Margaret Jones

Medical Lake


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