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Sun., Oct. 7, 2012, midnight

Trapping is indiscriminate

Great! Now we have an additional hazard while hiking in the woods with our children or dogs. Now, we must watch out for and avoid traps that have been set for wolves. We must now consider carrying cable cutters while hiking in the woods in order to free our dog or child from a snare.

Perhaps we should practice our technique on how to release the springs on a leg-hold trap in the event our dog or child becomes entrapped in one. Hikers, dogs, mountain lions, deer, etc., take the risk of being inadvertently trapped, injured or worse. Hunters can identify their target and decide whether it is safe to fire. Traps do not discriminate between the intended prey and other animals.

We are now told that it is irresponsible to let our dogs run on trails during trapping season. The true irresponsibility is in allowing trapping.

Rick Juhlin

Post Falls

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