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We must expect more

Our political process and the campaign ordeal is a flawed mess. It lasts too long, spends embarrassing amounts of money and frequently produces liars. The money game is similar to organized crime and foreign drug lords collecting vast sums of cash from unknown sources and then laundering it to finally appear legal and ethical.

Why don’t we demand that all candidates for state and national office take an oath upon filing for the position, and swearing to tell the truth throughout their campaign? Depending upon the severity of any falsehoods, the offender could be fined, spend weekends in jail or, at future events, wear a sign saying “I am a prevaricator!”

But, wait. We must have an unexpected problem. The accused may demand a trial by a jury of his peers, and that would be us. We have been accepting the shaded truth from politicians far too long when our guy, or gal, benefits. We look the other way when some super PAC slips funny money to our favorite fellow.

We are stuck with this political mess and dysfunctional government unless and until the jury is willing to face the facts and then judge the candidates fairly and honestly.

Bob Banta

Liberty Lake


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