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SUNDAY, OCT. 7, 2012

We’re not better off

Devin Barber’s Sept. 15 letter demonstrates what drinking President Barack Obama’s Kool-Aid will do to you. His statement, “200,000 jobs created a month” is untrue. We have 23 million Americans out of work, with 43 straight months of 8 percent plus unemployment. The labor force keeps shrinking as people drop off the employment rolls. The participation rate has dropped to a 31-year low. Are we better off?

Over $5 trillion in new debt added in three-plus years, failed green jobs, bigger government, more regulations, our credit rating cut, a foreign policy that’s a ticking time bomb, an unsustainable health care plan ripping billions of dollars from Medicare, back-door amnesty, suing states that are trying to protect their borders or prevent voter fraud, more people on food stamps than ever before, etc. Are we better off?

Osama is dead, OK. GM is still building cars. Of course, the shareholders got the shaft, with the UAW getting the gold mine.

How’s that Volt doing? The car costs way too much, is heavily subsidized with $40,000-plus of taxpayer dollars per car, people are not buying it; and GM recently shut the plant down.

Are we better off? No! And, if Obama is re-elected, it will get worse.

Dale Magart

Deer Park

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